A 2,000-mile flight for hot cocoa

For first-timers, skiing is usually one of the following:

Sitting in a ski lodge, drinking hot cocoa from a mug, eating warm pastries by the fire, laughing at skiiers falling down the slopes and slamming into the glass of the ski lodge.

Tumbling down a ski slope, drinking warm blood from your busted lip, eating cold snow while your head is on fire, getting laughed at as you slam into the glass of the ski lodge.

So it’s understandable that when I flew out to Park City, Utah last winter with a group of friends, half went to the top of the mountain while half stayed at the bottom in the ski lodge. No surprise that half the group knew how to ski and the other half didn’t. So why fly 2,000 miles just to stare out of a looking glass when you could stay at home and stare at the glass screen on your TV instead?

“Have you ever gone on vacation to the beach and just laid on the sand or sat on the rocks, looking out at the water without actually getting in?”

Being someone who can’t swim yet does go to the beach every year, it clicked. There are times that I’ve gone skiing for 16 hours straight, and by the end of the day I’ve been so tired and sore, I’d kinda wished I’d spent more time not skiing and more time relaxing and enjoying my vacation.

So, Skiiers, ski on. Wussies, watch on. Both of you enjoy your travels.

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  1. Gwen Grybauskas says:

    I love being the Wussie. It is so relaxing sitting by the fire and watching the skiers and snowboarders. ~GG

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