A Taste of Chicago

Just a taste? Screw that. I want to devour the whole city.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Today is the final day of the annual Taste of Chicago Festival, a food crawl of 40 restaurants from across Chicago conveniently packed into tents on a two-block stretch of road around Grant Park.

The festival is pretty aptly named.

This is not A Feast of Chicago. It’s quite literally a taste, with each vendor selling sample-size portions (although larger sizes are sold as well) allowing festival goers to get a bite and then move on to the next booth.

This is not The Sound of Chicago either as it could have been appropriately named in past years when there were free concerts and firework displays throughout the festival.

This could, however, have been named The Sweat of Chicago, considering there were more people than pork chops roasting in the 100-degree oven that was Grant Park.

Instead of finding a lot of culinary gems of Chicago, the festival featured restaurants like Gold Coast Dogs—a mediocre Chicago hot-dog chain. The Feastival at times felt like walking around a Costco collecting food samples on toothpicks.

So once I left the festival, I headed to Hot Dougs and felt like I’d finally got a real taste of Chicago.

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