About This Bedouin

I’m Mohamed Mansour, a baggage handler for a major US airline. Taking advantage of a flexible work schedule and amazing travel benefits, I travel every chance I can get, take a few photos, write a few tales, and share them here for anyone willing to look.

After a year as a journalist, I realized all I wanted to do was wander the world. Unfortunately, wandering around alone doesn’t pay very much costs a hella lot, so I applied at the first airline that was hiring, got lucky that it happened to be the best one in the industry, and found a way to work in the travel industry, travel the world at will, and still be able to afford things like bread and toilet paper.

This is not a site about travel tips. This is not a site with recommendations on where to eat, or practical advice on how to ride the rails from Moscow to Paris.

This is a site about travel stories. This is a site with recommendations on how to get the most from travel, and how travel affects us, whether you’re traveling to Moscow or Paris.

These are my travel stories and the experiences of those I’ve met along the way.