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A Mid-Summer Night’s Steam

One-hundred-thirteen steps to the bottom would mean 113 steps back to the top in nothing but my wet underwear after every muscle in my body had been stretched and relaxed into melted jello (I think I was relaxed; either that or completely shocked). Going to the famous Moulay Yacoub Hammam was a pretty big leapContinue Reading

And the Winner, by Random Decision:

Congratulations to subscriber Azadeh Karami on winning this round of free guest passes on Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways from A Bedouin’s Path! And congratulations (kinda) to everyone else on being free subscribers to the best weekly travel stories online. This giveaway is over, but all good things don’t have to come to an end.Continue Reading

Summer Food Festivals: 50-State Guide

Photo by: You can’t visit Boston without getting a Boston Cream Pie, or Buffalo without getting Buffalo wings, or Hookersville without getting a…uh, you get the point. But one local food dish isn’t enough. We need an entire food festival. So we’re eating our way across the country this summer not in search ofContinue Reading

Volcano Sledding

How cruel it must be for a child living in a tropical country like Nicaragua with perfect year-round weather and epic mountains—only to have no snow to sled down any of them. Unless those mountains are active volcanoes covered with soft, black volcanic ash instead of soft, white snow. Then you grab a board, climbContinue Reading

Travel Packing Un-Checklist

Before backpacking through Europe several years ago, instead of making the usual travel packing checklist, I made the following list of things not to pack: Books: No. Am I really traveling halfway across the planet to read my Corporate Communications book? I hope I won’t even have time to sleep at night, let alone toContinue Reading