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Summer Giveaway: Win 2 free airline tickets on Southwest and AirTran Airways

Summer Travel is awesome. FREE summer travel is awesomer. A Bedouin’s Path is awesomest, because we’re giving away 2 free airline tickets for standby-roundtrip travel aboard Southwest and AirTran Airways. How to win: Sign up for e-mail updates from A Bedouin’s Path here or on the main page. Every new subscriber will be entered intoContinue Reading

I got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one

99 Problems at home: The bills keep changing colors. My biggest financial goals are to win the lottery. I have to work late today—and it’s a Saturday. The only chance I have to get dressed up is to go online dating. The only thing that consistently works in my car is the check engine light. IContinue Reading

Sounds of Travel: Cairo

Some people recognize Cairo by the sight of the Pyramids, the minarets, the river that flows backward through the middle of a desert. And some recognize it more accurately by the sound of car horns, of donkey whips, of prayer calls raining in muddled surround sound, of epic 30-minute string preludes to Umm Kalthoum arias,Continue Reading

What’s Your Favorite Country?

I haven’t been everywhere, but I’ve been more places than most people I’ve met. Anyone who’s traveled to more than 10 countries has probably heard some variation of the question: What’s your favorite country? What’s your favorite place you’ve been to? When I reached 10 countries, my answer was Egypt. When I reached 20 countries,Continue Reading

Making out in Mexico

Mexicans love love. And they love (very publicly) displaying their love. Even stray dogs on the street don’t hold back from PDA (puppies displaying affection). In any given direction you look, some couple is locked in a public marathon makeout session. Making out in Mexico is a common sight. And after four days in MexicoContinue Reading