“I Can See Honduras From My House!”

“I can see Honduras from my house!” —From Daniel Ortega’s list of rejected 2012 Nicaraguan presidential campaign slogans.


From as high as 2,438 meters atop Nicaragua’s tallest mountain, Mogotón, it may not be enough of a foreign policy credential to be the president of Nicaragua, but it’s enough to make you feel like king of the world. Here at just above 700 meters on one of the region’s most active volcanoes, it’s already enough to feel like king of Central America.

5 Responses to “I Can See Honduras From My House!”

  1. Gwen Grybauskas says:

    Seriously, is that all we get to know about your trip?


  2. Aymen Romodan says:

    NICE!….what about eritrea?

  3. Aymen Romodan says:

    THIS IS NICE!!!…. careful!

  4. Gwen Grybauskas says:

    Still waiting for the rest of the volcano.

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