Making out in Mexico

Making Out in Mexico

Mexicans love love. And they love (very publicly) displaying their love. Even stray dogs on the street don’t hold back from PDA (puppies displaying affection). In any given direction you look, some couple is locked in a public marathon makeout session. Making out in Mexico is a common sight. And after four days in Mexico City, I actually felt embarrassed for not tongue fighting with someone in public.

If you need help being romantic in a city that sweats hormones, there are spots of town, none more famous than Plaza Garibaldi, where mariachis congregate like hookers waiting to get picked up and taken back home for the night by a romantic (or apologetic) young guy who wants to romance his girlfriend with live music. (Just as likely, mariachis are also hired out for children’s birthday parties and events. Think of Chuck E Cheese before you think of the movie Desperado.)

And many of the mariachis aggressively solicit like hookers: “5 pesos for 1 mariachi. 10 pesos for the whole group.”

If you’ve been to any other major city in Latin America, PDA may be a pretty normal scene. But in Mexico, it’s just one of a list of things that have changed in the past 10 years. As the economy rises, so do public erections. Ten years ago, Mexico as a whole was a pre-pubescent society—open displays of affection were unheard of, shameful, and icky. Today, Mexico’s in full hormonal bloom at all times of year.

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