Skating on Sand

The person in front of me swerved to the right, narrowly avoiding a crash. There were no lanes, just a jumble of people out of control weaving past each other. Some were on the wrong side of traffic heading straight for me.

If this scene had taken place on a Cairo street, it would have been completely normal. But this was way crazier. This was in a Cairo…ice-skating rink?

Nevermind that it was the middle of June. I was in the middle of the Sahara Desert, where people get excited when it occasionally┬árains, let alone when they see ice that’s not in a freezer.

As an American, the expectations of me were high. Everyone assumed that ice skates are standard footwear in wintertime in the American Northeast.

I didn’t disappoint. After displaying my skills of slowly skating around the rink without completely falling over, I was asked to join the Egyptian National Figure Skating Team.

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  1. lol curly that is so funny…no wonder you haven't been replying to me txts Bama!

  2. Gwen Grybauskas says:

    I don’t know how I missed reading this one. You write how you speak. Very entertaining. So….did you join the Egyptian National Figure Skating Team???!!!!

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