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Watching Dried Paint on Slabs of Stones

Day One’s itinerary in Buenos Aires came straight off a list of famous sites and neighborhoods that I made weeks before traveling to Argentina (actually, Lonely Planet made the list for me): The Palacio del Congreso, The Palacio Barolo, The Palacio de…(by the third Palacio I began to forget the names, but I assure youContinue Reading

Bringing Belly Back

A diet on vacation to Argentina consists of steak and eggs for breakfast, mid-morning gelato, steak for lunch, gelato for an afternoon snack (with a side of steak), and steak for dinner. Then for desert dulce de leche alfajores to relax before bed…wake up in the middle of the night and head out to anContinue Reading

The Vanishing Third World

Kenya, Brazil, India. We still envision their economic markets as comparable to our flea markets—cheap goods, mostly junk, sold by vendors desperate for our US dollars. Before I went to Argentina in 2010, a co-worker who has never been out of the country warned me of violent crime in South America while simultaneously assuring meContinue Reading