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Sounds of Travel: Cairo

Some people recognize Cairo by the sight of the Pyramids, the minarets, the river that flows backward through the middle of a desert. And some recognize it more accurately by the sound of car horns, of donkey whips, of prayer calls raining in muddled surround sound, of epic 30-minute string preludes to Umm Kalthoum arias,Continue Reading

Wedding Crashing in Cairo

I didn’t know the bride. I didn’t know the groom. Nobody cared. Everybody was glad I came. It’s really not wedding crashing when it’s an open invitation. Nine out of 10 Weddings in Egypt follow the same format: For the first 1 minute, 20 seconds, a solemn prayer is recited as the bride and groomContinue Reading

Why vacations are so damn stressful

Americans: We’re not all that good at relaxing and giving up control. We kinda suck at it. It’s hard going from complete control at home over everything—the remote, exactly how many grains of Splenda the barista puts in our frappucino—to not even being able to ask for a cup of coffee in a foreign language.Continue Reading

Crappy Roads

Cairo: It could be a pretty decent city if it wasn’t such a piece of shit.Continue Reading

Skating on Sand

The person in front of me swerved to the right, narrowly avoiding a crash. There were no lanes, just a jumble of people out of control weaving past each other. Some were on the wrong side of traffic heading straight for me. If this scene had taken place on a Cairo street, it would haveContinue Reading