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From Tahrir to Woodstock

The first day I went to the protests in Tahrir early this June, I stood in the middle of the square, surrounded by a million protestors pushing in toward me like I was the source of all gravitational pull. The chants were fierce; the heat was fierce; the body odor fiercer still. By the thirdContinue Reading

Politics in Public

Politics to conversations in Egypt are like wood to burning fires. They can’t last long without it and they can’t end without something/someone getting fired up. Everywhere you walk in Egypt there’s something to remind you of the political tension: the traffic jam at 1 am because of the lines of cars waiting just to get into the gas station; theContinue Reading

A few strands

Most people would be pretty lucky only to have one bad haircut in seven years. For me, one bad haircut in seven years equals 50 percent of all my haircuts — and about 10 inches. I chopped my hair for the first time one year ago when I left for Egypt. And the haircut wasContinue Reading