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Travel Packing Un-Checklist

Before backpacking through Europe several years ago, instead of making the usual travel packing checklist, I made the following list of things not to pack: Books: No. Am I really traveling halfway across the planet to read my Corporate Communications book? I hope I won’t even have time to sleep at night, let alone toContinue Reading

A Small Good Thing

It’s not natural to keep motionless while traveling. I mean for hours, standing in the same exact spot, blankly staring. Try it. See how long you last. Maybe 20 minutes. You eventually at least take a seat or pick your nose or start tapping your feet. I stood for hours at the stern of theContinue Reading

Why the Eiffel Tower let me down (and why it will let you down too)

-Photo by Takumi Yoshida- It’s the most visited paid monument in the world (although you can visit without actually paying). Every romance film becomes more romantic just by its presence in the background. Yet no movie has ever been made about the Eiffel Tower. What makes young girls dream of Paris isn’t the tower itself,Continue Reading

Party of One

La Matandeta in Valencia on any given night is packed with locals, tourists, and anyone with half a tongue to appreciate the taste of good paella. Any traveler would be missing out on a culinary and cultural institution by visiting Spain without eating good paella. The only thing is, as the hostess clearly states forContinue Reading

Gogo Gaga

Sitting on the RER from central Paris to Charles DeGaulle airport, I heard the same sound that I heard on my first day taking the RER from Charles DeGaulle into Paris. In the midst of foreign words that meshed into the same blur of random unrecognizable sounds, I heard a baby’s voice. The gogo gagasContinue Reading