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Mexico’s Other Border

Before even crossing the border from Mexico, you’re already in another country—as if Mexico realized in advance that you’re leaving her for her less successful but more beautiful little sister and let’s you have a sneak preview of what quickly becomes your new love. We cross the border by boat, leaving behind our last 15Continue Reading

NFL Sunday Night Cockfight

I won’t eat factory-farmed meat. I make an annual donation of the Humane Society. I cried (twice) while watching Bambi. Yet somehow this year, I ended up at a cockfight on a farm in Nicaragua. Right after Sunday mass, any sins that were repented away are promptly put right back on. While fights can takeContinue Reading

Boots and Gravel

The road is where travel happens—it’s not in a resort or a hotel room, or on a plane or boat, or even a car or horse. The road is where I travel. Where I am not the passenger, but the traveler. Where I am not traveling in a vessel, but I am the vessel. WhereContinue Reading

Why the Eiffel Tower let me down (and why it will let you down too)

-Photo by Takumi Yoshida- It’s the most visited paid monument in the world (although you can visit without actually paying). Every romance film becomes more romantic just by its presence in the background. Yet no movie has ever been made about the Eiffel Tower. What makes young girls dream of Paris isn’t the tower itself,Continue Reading

Why vacations are so damn stressful

Americans: We’re not all that good at relaxing and giving up control. We kinda suck at it. It’s hard going from complete control at home over everything—the remote, exactly how many grains of Splenda the barista puts in our frappucino—to not even being able to ask for a cup of coffee in a foreign language.Continue Reading