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Party of One

La Matandeta in Valencia on any given night is packed with locals, tourists, and anyone with half a tongue to appreciate the taste of good paella. Any traveler would be missing out on a culinary and cultural institution by visiting Spain without eating good paella. The only thing is, as the hostess clearly states forContinue Reading

Wandering San Juan After Hours

A cab ride from Old San Juan to the airport was $7 and only 15 minutes. 2 bus rides from Old San Juan were $1.50 but would take an hour and a half. 1x($7/15min) > 2x($1.50/75 min) Then factor in that the last bus departs at 10 pm, meaning I’d need to catch the 9Continue Reading

The Places We Travel From

Two visitors to Angkor Wat will see the same buildings, but find photoworthy completely different things. Two travelers will attend Carnevale, but write completely different accounts. Two passengers will fly the same flight, but one will write the airline a commendation letter, the other a complaint letter. The origin we’re coming from is equally asContinue Reading

Ballooner Eclipse

More than 600 hot air balloons—each an average of 80 feet tall and 60 feet wide—simultaneously rise over the New Mexico horizon, blotting out the dawn sky. After sunset, instead of getting darker, the same balloons will light up the horizon, firing up their gas canisters before fireworks keep the night sky lit. Today isContinue Reading

Aging Photographs – Intimations of Immortality

Five years ago when I was 21, I got my first passport and flew off to Europe for a month. My first time on my own outside of the country, I wanted to snap a photo of every statue, every bakery with a bicycle parked in front of the window, every country house outside aContinue Reading