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Volcano Sledding

How cruel it must be for a child living in a tropical country like Nicaragua with perfect year-round weather and epic mountains—only to have no snow to sled down any of them. Unless those mountains are active volcanoes covered with soft, black volcanic ash instead of soft, white snow. Then you grab a board, climbContinue Reading

NFL Sunday Night Cockfight

I won’t eat factory-farmed meat. I make an annual donation of the Humane Society. I cried (twice) while watching Bambi. Yet somehow this year, I ended up at a cockfight on a farm in Nicaragua. Right after Sunday mass, any sins that were repented away are promptly put right back on. While fights can takeContinue Reading

“I Can See Honduras From My House!”

“I can see Honduras from my house!” —From Daniel Ortega’s list of rejected 2012 Nicaraguan presidential campaign slogans. From as high as 2,438 meters atop Nicaragua’s tallest mountain, Mogotón, it may not be enough of a foreign policy credential to be the president of Nicaragua, but it’s enough to make you feel like king ofContinue Reading