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Summer Food Festivals: 50-State Guide

Photo by: You can’t visit Boston without getting a Boston Cream Pie, or Buffalo without getting Buffalo wings, or Hookersville without getting a…uh, you get the point. But one local food dish isn’t enough. We need an entire food festival. So we’re eating our way across the country this summer not in search ofContinue Reading

What’s Your Favorite Country?

I haven’t been everywhere, but I’ve been more places than most people I’ve met. Anyone who’s traveled to more than 10 countries has probably heard some variation of the question: What’s your favorite country? What’s your favorite place you’ve been to? When I reached 10 countries, my answer was Egypt. When I reached 20 countries,Continue Reading

A 2,000-mile flight for hot cocoa

For first-timers, skiing is usually one of the following: Sitting in a ski lodge, drinking hot cocoa from a mug, eating warm pastries by the fire, laughing at skiiers falling down the slopes and slamming into the glass of the ski lodge. Tumbling down a ski slope, drinking warm blood from your busted lip, eatingContinue Reading

Boots and Gravel

The road is where travel happens—it’s not in a resort or a hotel room, or on a plane or boat, or even a car or horse. The road is where I travel. Where I am not the passenger, but the traveler. Where I am not traveling in a vessel, but I am the vessel. WhereContinue Reading

And the winner is…

Congratulations to subscriber Paige Hooper-Reichbart, the winner of two standby roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines! This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last giveaway from Keep checking back regularly for more giveaways, and more importantly for ridiculously awesome travel stories. In that sense everyone is a winner (ok; no you’re not).Continue Reading