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Win 2 Roundtrip Tickets on Southwest Airlines

The only thing we love more than travel at A Bedouin’s Path is free stuff. Put the two together and we can’t control ourselves. We’re about to lose control and we think you’ll like it. We’re giving away 2 free standby tickets on Southwest Airlines, valid for one year roundtrip to any destination Southwest flies.Continue Reading

The places between us

I’ve always imagined that couples who live in a far-away place of natural beauty like a forest on top of the mountains facing a clear sunset could never get divorced. Whatever problems they may have during the day would disappear every evening as soon as they watch the sunset. They must be so happy withContinue Reading

Why vacations are so damn stressful

Americans: We’re not all that good at relaxing and giving up control. We kinda suck at it. It’s hard going from complete control at home over everything—the remote, exactly how many grains of Splenda the barista puts in our frappucino—to not even being able to ask for a cup of coffee in a foreign language.Continue Reading

Desert Ocean

The desert is an ocean on land. It’s the inspiration for cliches and quotes about loneliness and vastness and barrenness—as many cliches as there are grains of sand in the desert. It’s the symbol of solitude, inhospitality, bleakness, emptiness, and stagnation. It’s everything we shun as society, it is the opposite of progress, it’s ourContinue Reading

Summer Swim

Summer travel usually has one criteria: water. Ski lodges in the winter; vineyards in the fall; national parks in the spring: none compares to the rate that we flock to the beaches and shorelines in the summertime. It has nothing to do with cooling off in the heat (otherwise, we’d stay inside in the ACContinue Reading