Travel vs Vacation

Is there a difference?

Think of the difference between going to the gym and going to the spa. They’re both good for body and mind. But they both produce different results.

Travel is like going to the gym. You’re going to sweat. It’s going to be a little rough and gritty. But the sense of accomplishment and the strength gained from it is worth the struggle. And a month at the gym is often cheaper than a day at the spa.

And if a vacation is a trip to the spa, after stressing and sweating all year long with work, family, school, sometimes a day at the spa is a hella lot more called for than even more sweating and working at the gym.

Adventure snobs may cringe at the thought of going on a cruise or a guided tour of Western Europe, just like a 300-pound meathead may laugh at the thought of missing a day of pumping iron to get cucumbers put on his eyelids at a spa.

But after a month of travel, sometimes I just need a vacation.

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