Why We Travel – Jamaica

Sparkling beaches, cool white sand, 80-degree-year-round weather, and resort staffers ready to wait on you hand and foot–pretty attractive reasons to make anyone want to travel to Jamaica for a perfect vacation.

I really didn’t come to Jamaica for vacation. It was work. It was something I had to do. I came to add it to my growing list of places traveled to, like someone who watches every Netflix movie just to mark it off his to-watch queue.

What I fear the most, I came to be able to say “I have done it” rather than to have to say “I haven’t done it.” — In Blood Meridian, Judge Holden travels from site to site, writing the names of every rock, every desert, every object he passes, amassing knowledge of everything, everywhere in the natural world for one purpose: “That which exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.” To validate one’s worth by conquering something else, like a bored aristocrat who woos a young woman to make her fall for him, not because he loves her, but simply to be able to say “I’ve conquered her.”

As so many others who aimed to climb every mountain or to swim every body of water with the intention to conquer, did they conquer anything?

Ibn ul Quyum said, “Deeds without sincerity are like a traveler who carries dirt in his water jug; the carrying of it burdens him and it brings him no benefit.”

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