Wite House Black Market

Black Market

photo by Lutmans

1 Millionaire perfume for women. Tommy Hillfinger cologne for men.

If they can’t get the outside of the bottle right, there’s a good chance what’s on the inside won’t be right either. At least, I’ve always assumed that spelling is easier than creating a chemically sound fragrance.

Faisalabad, Pakistan is one of the many places in the world where you can not only purchase separate black market Nikey and Buma tennis shoes, but you can consolidate all your favorite name brands onto one apparel item. A pair of pants with Calvin Klein written on one leg and Gucci written across the other while the tag in the back reads George Armani sells for only 500 rupees.

Black Market

photo by Gandhu

The demand for all things name brand, with bonus points for brand names in English, is no longer limited to Western designer names but now includes any popular Western name brand, including my new personal favorite bootleg: an imitation designer Papa Johns Pizza dress shirt.

Black Market vendors are getting more creative. With Brad Pit cologne (His sponsors at Chanel may be upset if they found out he created his own line of bootleg fragrances), any name that’s popular on TV will be popular on anything in the markets.

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